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  • The learner receives permission from the class teacher, to go to the teacher who is responsible for handling the sick/ indisposed learners.
  • If it is a scenario where the learner must go home, the parents will be notified, with the permission of the principal, the vice- principal or staff member who is responsible for handling the sick learner. The parent is requested to fetch the child. Should the parents be unable to fetch the child, he/she will be taken home by a staff member who is available, only when the permission for this action has been granted by the parent/guardian.
  • Should this problem be temporary like nausea, tummy ache or a headache, medication may be administered and the learner will be allowed to stay in the sick bay for the duration of the indisposition. In this case the following should be recorded in the registration book: date, time, name of learner, medication administered or applied, dosage and signature of the staff member who administered the medication.
  • Should the problem be serious, the learner will immediately be taken to the doctor by an available staff member. In the mean time the responsible person should let the principal know and phone the parents in order to verify the matter.
  • In the case of a learner having made an appointment with the doctor, there must be evidence of the appointment or parents must verify it by telephone.
  • Less serious cases of sickness will only receive attention between periods and during the first break.
  • During school activities such as sport, cultural activities, woodwork or any other subject, injuries will be handled in the same way as are sick learners.
  • The parents must arrange with the office how and by whom the learners are to be fetched.
  • Parents are requested to make doctors’ appointments for after school hours.
  • The person who fetches the learner should then sign he register to confirm that he/ she has fetched the learner.



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