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In case a learner turns up late for school in the morning, the following procedure should be followed:

  • Report to the teacher with whom you have your first class period.
  • The teacher fills in a control letter confirming the late-coming and hands it to the grade tutor.
  • The late-coming of a learner will be controlled weekly and learners with a record of tardiness will be reported to their parents/guardian for attention.
  • Learners who are absent from school must follow this procedure:

Parents/guardians must inform the office before 8:00 on the relevant day and give an estimated period of absence.

Absence of pupils during tests/exams

The following procedure will be followed, should a learner be absent during tests/exams.

  • Absence with a medical certificate/or similar substantiation.-(a)
  • Absence with a letter from the parent – either the parent made arrangements or phoned beforehand – (a)
  • (If the parent phoned or made arrangements beforehand, a letter must follow).
  • Absence as a result of school activities – (a)
  • Absence without an excuse – (0)
  • (a) = absent (0) = zero mark.
  • It is the responsibility of the learner to organize with the teacher concerned in connection with the (a), otherwise the zero mark will be allotted.
  • Each subject-head will judge for him / herself how to evaluate the absence. It may be done by a retest, an oral or a project/task which is to be handed in.
  • During exams the parents must notify the principal about the absence of the learner before 08:00 on the relevant day. A doctor’s certificate, certifying the illness, must be handed in.
  • No extra exam papers are drawn up for learners who do not write the exam on the specified day. The promotion mark will be calculated by the average mark (all marks from January until before December exam) plus the December examination mark.


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