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Remember at all times, that you are a learner of this school – even after school – and that it is expected of you to be loyal and to be a good example.


  •  Keep the school grounds tidy.
  •  Keep the cloakrooms clean and tidy.
  •  It is expected of the learners to maintain regular study hours.
  •  A boy and a girl’s integrity should be of such a nature that he/she will not be an embarrassment to anyone on the school terrain.
  •  Physical contact between learners is not permissible.
  •  The changing of classes must take place rapidly and orderly between breaks.
  •  When the bell rings for break, learners must quickly place their satchels in the classroom in which they will have class after break.
  •  Smoking, alcohol and drugs are forbidden.
  •  Foul language used by boys and girls testifies of bad taste and will not be tolerated.
  •  The chewing, sucking or eating of sweets etc. will not be allowed in classes.


  •  You are responsible for the text books and other apparatus handed out to you. Text books should be covered with a durable plastic cover.
  •  Satchels should be firm and must be fitted with divisions in order to protect the books.
  •  Tidiness is a requirement.
  •  Parents must see to it that their children’s homework is done daily.
  •  It is expected of learners to hand in their written homework on time. Those who hand their work in late will be penalised.
  •  Homework consists of written as well as studying matter. (This means revision of work done in class.)
  •  It is expected of parents to control, homework books and scripts pertaining assignments and work to be done, regularly.
  •  Homework is the show-window of self-discipline. Your work is your pride.
  •  Senior learners (grade 10-l2) should spend approximately 4 ½ hours per day on homework.
  •  Junior learners (grade 8-9) should spend approximately 2 ½ hours per day on homework.


  •  School hours are from 7:30 to 13:45.
  •  During official school functions only school uniform is to be worn.
  •  No one is allowed to leave the school premises without the permission during the school day.
  •  No learner is allowed in the classrooms before school or during breaks.
  •  No learner is allowed to visit the tuck-shop during class periods.
  •  When a learner has to leave the school for any other reason than sickness, a letter of consent, which is available at the office, must be taken or the approval of each teacher.
  •  Parents must inform the office in regards to how and by whom the learner will be fetched at school.
  •  The person who fetches the learner must sign in the absentee book to acknowledge his fetching the pupil.
  •  Parents are requested to make doctors’ appointments after school hours.
  •  When a school bus is available, for travelling to school functions, every one must make use of it unless the parents granted prior permission for their child to be transported by someone else. No learner will follow on his own, either by car or motorbike.
  •  A learner may not drive a motor vehicle and / or park it on the school premises unless he or she has obtained the necessary permit .
  •  No learner is allowed to drive a car without a valid driver’s license.
  •  Playing with a ball during class periods or between class periods is strictly forbidden.
  •  Umbrellas must be closed and stored away during class periods and between class periods.
  •  During assembly periods the learners will stand in orderly rows and enter silently. They must also make a quiet exit from the hall.
  •  Conscientiously accomplished homework and faithful school attendance warrants success.
  •  Attendance of the school programme (curriculum and extra- curriculum) is essential for the shaping of a child.


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