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10-Oct Mo. School re-opens
    Staff meeting 14:15
    Appearance Inspection
    School/Hostel Fees
11-Oct Tue Hostel fees
13-Oct Thu Hostel fees
14-Oct Fri Gr 12 Church Service AGS Church 9:00
17-Oct Mo Appearance inspection
    Report cards
18-Oct Tue Parents' meeting 17:30
19-Oct Wed Gr 11 learner's meeting 14:00
    Gr 12 CAT  Practical Examination
20-Oct Thu Price giving ceremony 18:00
21-Oct Sa RCL and LC training
24-Oct Mo Appearance inspection
    Disciplinary hearing
25-Oct Tue SGB Learners 17:15
    SGB Marketing 18:15
    Final Schoolfees
26-Oct Wed Gr. 12NSC Examination start
    Final Schoolfees
27-Oct Thu Final Schoolfees
28-Oct Fri Dome Festival
    Final Schoolfees
29-Oct Sa Dome Festival
    Final Schoolfees
30-Oct Sun Dome Festival
31-Oct Mo Final Schoolfees
01-Nov Tue Gr 10 and 11 Examination starts
    Hostel-/Terrainmeeting 16:15
    SGB Financial meeting 17:15
    SGB 18:15
02-Nov Wed Annual budget meeting at 18:00
07-Nov Mo Gr 8 and 9 Examination starts
    Appearance Inspection
14-Nov Mo Appearance Inspection
07-Dec Wed School closes (learners) Report cards 8:00-9:00
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